Endless Motion


Retro and avant garde. Back to basics. Jettison specific techniques, labels and bodywork franchise. Just be with the body, the action, the experience and the outcome. A theatre of the moving sensory self. This class provides examples, exercises and experience of fundamental movements and alignments. Deep work and deep fun. As we train our bodies our potentials shift. There is no stasis, only continuous becoming. We move, we change. We are. Endless motion.

The origins of much western body training is in early fitness regimes. These were based on “body sculpting” and the exercises were iconographic in both appearance and intent.”Posture Artists”performed contorted shapes in the theatres. Body building and posture control developed ever more subtle representations of the body in action. Anatomical and energetic knowledge combined with new methods of teaching. Vectors of exchange between cultures expanded the repertoire and increased the interest in the body as the locus for social and personal change. The contemporary trend towards the franchising of movement systems results in the copywriting of the human body. People don’t move, they “do” Yoga, Pilates or whatever the current dialect happens to be. The subsequent experience of movement is ring fenced within a syllabus which is too often derivative yet claims a faux authenticity.

ENDLESS MOTION: A somatic investigation of the moving body. Movement of the Thinking body and Active mind. Mind sensing Matter and Matter extending Mind. An endless dynamic polarity.