Brighton Spiegel tent on 18th May 2022

StormGarden: created and performed by Laurie Booth on 18th May 2022, at Brighton Spiegeltent as a part of dance performances celebrating Brighton Natural Health Centre’s 40th birthday. A body weather report. An improvised forecast. Sound: Hans Peter Kunn

Shibashi workshop on 2nd Jan. 2022

Enter the new year with a new tool kit in your kinetic kit bag. Shibashi Qigong (eighteen forms practice )is a simple and direct movement meditation. Combining elements of TaiChi and Qigong, Shibashi is characterised by kinetic flow, mindful breath and an elegantly logical choreography. It is an effective and very popular practice suitable for all. This training is a chance to begin the new year with a fresh insight and experience of your mind and body.

Laurie Booth is a qualified Shibashi instructor. He is a choreographer, kinetic researcher, Gyrotonic trainer, Indian Club aficionado, and a trainee qigong teacher. He has taught and choreographed internationally and has a Gyrotonic studio at BNHC. 

TIME: 11 AM – 4 PM
COST: £40
Facebook: Laurie Booth
Instagram: laurieboothendlessmovement

Vortex Workshop on 15th August, 2021

Vortical Motion Patterning (VMP); Worksop in the woods
Your mind is at the centren of your cosmos and a cosmos is at the centre of your mind. The moving body is the key to this VORTEX.
VMP combines Indian Clubs and Han-bo staffs with free body movement patterns to explore this statement. Body, mind and breath converge within specific patterning and forms. The body is strengthened and invigorated; the mind and nervous system stimulated and calmed. 
The woodland setting provides an idyllic environment for moment. A purpose built yoga platform plus fire pit and eco-latrines create a perfect outdoor studio.

Vortical Motion Patterning is a product of the lockdown. An exploration of dance, qigong and martial arts (indian Clubs and Japanese Han-bo). This unique and creative movement training is the product of choreographer and artist Laurie Booth.
In this workshop Laurie will be looking specifically at the forms  he calls ‘Monkey King’ and ‘the Vortex’.

Endless Movement Practice on Tuesday &Thursday Class at BNHC

Sometimes we use Indian Clubs, Japanese Han-Bo and other items or with our own body. The video was taken in Queens Park in Brighton, UK, in May 2021, still in COVID pandemic time. Recent stage of lockdown in Brighton has allowed us to work indoor in a group. Come and join us on Tuesdays orThursdays from 1-2 pm at BNHC in Brighton, booking to be made in advance via

Use of a heavier single club movement

Typically more asymmetrical.

The basic principles remain, viz:
– centrifugal force
– stabilisation of central axis
– coil/re-coil
– folding in and opening out
– synchronisation of breathing patterns

The spiralling motif is more visible. From the feet to the head of the club the rotation and stabilisation of the body enables the centrifugal patterning to evolve.

Orbital Momentum

Using Indian wooden clubs to describe and represent the essential circularity of the moving body.

Moving patterns and exercises derived from traditional club training.

Adapted from dance and martial art forms.