What is GYROTONIC® system?

It is characterised by the use of specifically designed machines which enhance the bodies awareness of musculo-skeletal co-ordination, strength and flexibility. The training uniquely streches and strengthens the body within an environment which provides support and kinetic feedback.

How does it work?

With minimal effort GYROTONIC® exercises increase the body’s range of movement. Major muscle groups are worked interdependantly and micro muscle tissue and ligaments are strengthend creating stability while encouraging multiple joint articulation. The emphasis on flow and core stability provide the sense of total freedom of movement and personal satisfaction which is so characteristic of the GYROTONIC® experience.

Training Schedule

There is a basic program which will be customised to suit the needs and abilities of each student. A session is one hour. Weekly session is advisable to gain the effect of training.
cost: £40 per session

(10 sessions recommended)

Please call for a chat.
Laurie: 07788 592817