Gyrotonic(R) Level 1 Training

The GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® is a unique exercise system originally designed for dancers and other highly trained bodies. Devised by ex dancer and movement polymath, JULIU HOVARTH, it develops key principles derived from dance,yoga and martial arts.

Gyrotonic® training is characterised by the use of specifically designed machines which enhance and increase body awareness of musculo-skeletal co-ordination, strength and flexibility. The training uniquely stretches and strengthens the body within an environment which provides support and kinetic feedback.

All Gyrotonic® exercise increase our range of movement. The major muscle groups are worked interdependently giving a global body movement. Elasticity and strength combine. Fascia, micro muscle tissue and ligaments are all functionally improved. The Gyrotonic sequences stimulate both inner and outer planes of movement. The emphasis on flow and circularity provide a sense of total freedom of movement.

There is a basic program which will be customised to suit the needs and abilities of each student.
A session is one hour.
Weekly session is advisable to gain the effect of training.
(10 sessions recommended)
Please call Laurie for more information and booking: mob 07788 592817.