Movement training methods with clubs and sticks are almost certainly the
oldest methods of human body training. Reaching back into prehistory
( probably Pre Iron Age ) and ubiquitous in cultures as widely separated as
China, India, Ancient Egypt, Persia, Japan, Mexico and Pacific rim
cultures, these methods have an unbroken lineage going back millennia. What
began as a Neolithic weapon grade martial art has morphed into something that
retains its combative nature while evolving a more meditative quality of
experience. The result is a practice that emphasises a more fluid and subtle
body; both healing and martial, supple as well as strong, yin balancing yang .
The complete consort dancing together.

Laurie Booth has been exploring and researching sticks and clubs for several decades. He connects his experience as a dancer/choreographer and bodyworker to the way of the wooden club. The natural geometry of the body in motion is enhanced and extended through the arc of the stick and the pendulum of the clubs. This practice is suitable for all. A very large collection of clubs and sticks means that students can work with whatever seems suitable.
The practice is essentially a movement meditation. It enhances dexterity, stamina, strength and alignment. The emphasis is always upon rejuvenation and energy flow through archetypal movement forms.
This six week course is an introduction to club and stick work. A unique and
highly unusual body training that is steeped in kinetic history.

The class has started on March 1st 2022 for 6 Tuesdays. The future class will happen soon. Please contact via Brighton Natural Health Centre,