What is EMP?


Mind and matter

As soon as we are born we begin our endless movement practice.

We immediately encounter the dynamic polarity of our matter and our mind. We cannot separate our physical form from our minds. They are two sides of the same coin.

It is useless and dangerous to think that we can; that we can only be mind or only be matter. Matter is mind and mind is matter.

In this work there is no technique. It is rather a process of visualising form, shape, pattern, sensation, from observed experience. The visualisation is embodied through movement into the fabric of our dynamic anatomy.

What we are encountering is the phenomena of our matter changing shape and location in time. This is an appropriate working definition of movement; both of the body and of the universe.



Movement. The word describes a very wide spectrum of experience. On the one hand it can be an intuitive immediacy, a condition whereby the body reacts spontaneously to stimulus within the environment. This reaction will be based upon and will utilise pre-existing kinetic patterns. These patterns will facilitate a successful outcome which will be survival.

There is always the survival imperative. We are always looking for how to arrive safely. To survive. This is our goal: to arrive safely into the future.

At the other end of the spectrum the experience is of a more reflective manner of movement and the form of the movement is visualised and embodied in a very conscious way. This manner of moving is characterised by deliberation and an awareness of both the inner and the outer aspects of the action.


In our Endless Movement Practice we need to have access to this spectrum of movement. This does not mean we have to be athletes or dancers. In each one of us this spectrum exists as a series of potentials. As we engage with a particular training so those potentials begin to shift. Within this practice we posit that there is no stasis and everything is becoming. Until that moment when we cease to be anything. Until then, we are in this endless movement practice. This is the fundamental positioning of ourselves in relation to our environment. The inner and the outer environment.