endless movement practice (EMP)

EMP is a training method developed by Laurie Booth. 

EMP is an ongoing creative research.

Movement is our bio-cultural heritage, the unique signature of our species. The self awareness of our body movements, our obligatory bipedal stance, our complex patterns of symmetry/asymmetry and the circular geometry of our movements; all are predicated by our anatomy. 


An ancient, traditional sword-dance haunts the whole world. Only the props differ. Sometimes it is danced with swords, at other times with sticks or clubs. Or with empty hands the dancers create a field of geometric energy.


EMP explores this statement. We continue to discover and rejuvenate our physical and mental identity through movement. Through movement we find a connection to our subliminal archetypal self. Physical well-being grows out of such practice. We enhance dexterity, balance, stamina, strength and alignment. Creativity and mental health are stimulated. Our relationship with life becomes more positive. Happiness increases. 


How does this work?

EMP is based on a series of exercises; micro choreographies which focus on particular sets of form and function. Each exercise stimulates and proposes a particular dynamic relationship of the body with its environment. The aim is to improve our range of movement, increase our kinetic skill set, stimulate specific neuromuscular pathways and have fun.  Momentum and stillness , clubs and sticks, forms and improvisation. 


EMP is an inclusive system. It will help improve other body disciplines and sports. 

 Perhaps the 17th Century philosopher Pascal said it best:

“Those we call the ancients were new in everything.” 

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