The GYROTONIC (R) system incorporates movement principles from yoga, dance, gymnastics, swimming, taichi and qigong. The hour long training sessions are continuously monitored by qualified instructors and are fitted to the personal requirements of the clients. Appointments are booked in advance.


Laurie Booth brings decades of movement experience to the GYROTONIC (R) system. As a pioneer of contemporary dance, choreographer, qigong instructor, creator of Kinetic Integration (Kintegrity) and GYROTONIC (R) trainer, he is adept at working with a multotude of body conditions and needs.

The GYROTONIC (R) machines, designed by Juliu Hovarth, provides support for the body and gives fluidity to its movement. as a fitness training the GYROTONIC (R) systmem establishes strength, suppleness and dexterity.

Many users find it valuable for rejeuvenation and rehabilitation from chronic or taumatic events.